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Car Wash Packages

California SpeedWash car washes are set up to fit any schedule and budget. We offer the most comprehensive car wash options in Simi Valley. Simply choose the package that fits your unique needs and let us take care of the rest! Don't forget all wash options include free self-service vacuums!

Free Self-Service Vacuums Every Day

Unlimited Wash Packages

How long does it take you to wash your own car? Between the buckets and hoses, soap and rinse, it can take up a major part of your already busy day. With our unlimited monthly wash options, the more you come, the more you save!


All of us here at California Speedwash are dedicated to serving you, our Customer, with the best available in car care services.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • David Vasquez
    This place is fantastic and fast! Even when it is busy, they get cars washed in a timely manner. Never had an issue here!
    David Vasquez
    First Street Location
  • Khoa Pham
    Fast car wash service, also offer unlimited wash monthly subscription. Free vacuum
    Khoa Pham
    First Street Location
  • Sam Ibarra
    $24.99 a month for the most expensive wash. It's TOTALLY worth it. You usually pay like $25 for a full service car wash. I'd rather pay $24.99/mo for UNLIMITED washes, since the interior of my car is usually clean. I can clean my interior myself for no additional charge (they let you use their vacuums free). I recommend it. =)
    Sam Ibarra
    First Street Location